Monday, March 23, 2009

Wisdom for Willy

Brent has had the opportunity to serve under two Mission Presidents, and has a lot of love and respect for both. Both have made a lasting impression on Brent, and have really helped his testimony grow. Everytime he has an opportunity to meet with his Mission President at a Zone Conference or on splits, he always writes home expressing the respect he has for his leaders, and how much their testimonies strengthen him and make him want to work harder.
He always enjoys the opportunity to go tracting with his Mission President, and to listen to him bear witness of the Savior, and to see the respect people have for this great mentor in his life. On one occasion, Brent had the opportunity to go out tracting with his Mission President on a cold night in Prince Rupert. Brent enjoyed the opportunity, and learned a valuable lesson from his President, that I'm sure has helped him to understand others. Here is how he told the story:
"This past week we took President Nelson street contacting. He had never been since becoming our mission president, and since it gets dark early here we usually dont tract too much in the dark. So yeah, we take him contacting and it was hilarious. He loved it because so many people listened to him more because they already knew us, but he was impressed!! It was freezing cold and rainy and I was like, "President, you see what you are doing to me," and he just laughed and said, "Yeah Elder Wilson, you just tell me when it's good days and I will come hang out up here any day." Ha!! But yeah so it was cool he wanted to see what its like, and after we finished talking to this one guy, got his number, and set an appointment, we walked away and President laughs and said, "Dang Elder Wilson, you will aruge anything until you are right, huh??" Haha. And I was like, "I dont know I guess so, if that is good." So he gave me a good lesson. He likes what I do, but told me to sit on their side of the fence more. His quote of the day for me was "A man convinced against his will, is of the same opionion still." Pretty good huh!!?"

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