Sunday, March 15, 2009

Willy, Salmon, & an Eagle

There have been a few times on his mission where Brent has had the opportunity to take advantage of the the recreation Canada has to offer. Of course, it didn't take him long once he got to the beautiful area of Prince Rupert, to find someone that would loan him a fishing pole and find a spot to go catch a few salmon. This particular trip was one that I'm sure Brent will remember for a long time, and it wasn't because of size of Salmon he claimed to have caught, even though he has no picture to back it up. :) The coolest part of this particular fishing trip was the rare photo opportunity to snap a photo of a Bald Eagle snatching a trout from the river. This the condensed version of the story: (as I understood it)

"Elder Brown and I were fishing for Coho Salmon on the banks of a small tributary flowing into Prudent Lake just off the Skeena River, about 20 minutes outside of Prince Rupert, British Columbia. We happened to be fishing next to an older Native Indian Gentleman, who told us that when the trout are on the surface we should keep our eyes out for Eagles coming in to feed off the fish. As we were fishing the man came over with a dead trout he had caught, and told us he was going to throw this trout back in the water, and to watch for an eagle to come down from one of the peaks of the surrounding mountains. Sure enough, just as he had promised this Bald Eagle came soaring down out from the trees, swooped down and snatched up a day time snack. Fortunately I had my camera close, and was able to get this awesome picture..."

This is the only "proof" Brent sent of him "catching a fish," but it could just be a snag!!???

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