Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Willy's arrival in Prince Rupert

Brent arrived in, as he would call it, "Rupert" with tons of enthusiasm and ready to get to work. This was his letter home informing us that he was being sent to Prince Rupert:

"...Sorry this is gonna be way short, but I did get transferred, up to a place called Prince Rupert!!! It is clear up by Alaska, you should look it up it is way cool, but we are all by our selves. I took like an 18 hour road trip the last two days, cause I had to bring a car up, and then my comp got to fly up from the mission office. Me and my comp are opening the area so I am excited, his name is Elder Brown, from California. I am getting to train again so he his lost with me up here ha ha, so this is gonna be an adventure for sure. The place is awesome, crazy sweet moutains!! But hey I love you all, we got big plans and the branch is even smaller I guess only 15 members so hey all is good.."

When Brent got there, one of the first things he noticed as he toured the church building was that the Baptismal font had been turned into a storage closet. I'm sure Brent was like "What the heck!??" and not only did that provide extra motivation to work harder, but he was bound and determined to change that as quickly as possible. Here he is at the "crime scene"...Here is Brent taking in the Sunset at Rotary Waterfront Park, pondering about the adventures that await him in his new home...Yeah right who am I kidding!! He was probably looking at the water picturing himself jumping a wake on his wake board or reeling in a big salmon!? :)

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