Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Island Zone Tolfino Trip - July 6th, 2009

Willy and his zone had the chance to spend a P-day in the District of Tolfino, which is known for it's awesome winter rains, and year long "wetness." The amount of moisture is best describe by saying, "When it rains here it pours, and when it doesn't pour, it surely sprinkles and if you're lucky to dodge the sprinkles, you're likely to find yourself standing in a perma-mist."

Needless to say it's a little "wet" there. Here are few pics from the Island Zone's day in Tolfino:

The Island Zone Elders Masyama, Jardine, Salmon, Foster, and Willy "Crabbin" at Tolfino. Willy said, "We took sweet pics on the Dock! It was tight!"

Willy chillin on the Beach with Elder Brown and Elder Lemon.

The "Willy Pose" in Tolfino
Island Zone, July 2009

4th of July & The Bekke Family

Once again Willy missed out on the usual 4th of July festivities, but had the great blessing of being apart of a family's day of "freedom" as they entered the waters of baptism. What a great way to celebrate Independence Day as he was able to see a mom and her two kids, as it says in 2 Nephi 2:26-27, "...become free to choose liberty and eternal life, through the great Mediator of all men..."
Even though he missed hangin with family and the traditions that come with the 4th of July, he was greatful to be apart of the this special day for the Bekke Family. This is what he had to say in his email home:
"Lets see quick update on the mission...the big thing would be the baptism on the 4th. The Bekke family, well the mom and two kids because the dad held off, but after that baptism dang give hime two weeks an he is gonna be diving in the water! It was so cool! I will be honest I miss the 4th of July back home...but I have to be very grateful for the chance I had to be apart of that family's baptism. It changed a ton on the ward so we are expecting many more great things in the next few months!"
Here are a few pics from the special day:
The Elders, Bekke Family (the Dad (in the suit), Mom, Michael, Elizabeth) and Brother McCullough
Willy, The Bekke Family and their Grandpa

Power of Service

Somtimes a little act of service can go a long way to creating teaching opportunities, that otherwise would not have been possible. Brent has had many of these experiences while serving in Canada, and this was another one of those experiences he shared with us in one of his first emails from Duncan:

"Lets see, nothing too exciting this week in the mission life other than I was able to dig a huge trench in my suit. So we went over to teach our investigator Erwin, he is about 60, and his wife is about the same. Way cool couple, but we have never been able to teach his wife, because she hasn't wanted to listen. Well we go over there and they are trying to dig a trench to their shed to put in electricity. Well it's a big job and they needed some help, and even though usually the wife wouldn't talk to us, we just said, "hey, we'll dig this for you." So he gave us two t-shirts and we dug a nice big trench in our suit pants and shoes. Yeah not the best idea, but in the end it was worth it! The wife got us some water, then sat down and listened on the porch at the end when we taught. So it was supposed to be a 20 min lesson but turned into 2 hours of digging then a 20 minute lesson. To top it off Erwin came to church and his wife came with him! How tight is that? So yeah, I may have to visit the dry cleaners, but I am thinking it was an ok idea now. :) That was probably the most excitment this past week, not too mention we did have 8 people at church and the ward even started talking to them! Haha..."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Experience to remember...or Forget!

Back in June, Brent had one of those experiences a lot of missionaries go through, but usually wait to get home to share it with their mother. Well, Brent must have decided everything worked out fine, so he shared the experience in his email. This is how he told it:

"So it's all ok and i am still alive, haha, but I did have my first experience with a guy pointing a gun at my face. Yeah it was crazy but it turned out ok. We were just walkin by this house and these two guys and a girl were out drinkin in the front yard so we just walked by. Then on the way back I just said "hey whats up," you know, then kept walking and they asked what are you guys doing. So I turn and walk back over, and as I get to the fence I say we are sharing a message about Jesus Christ and the guy pulls a gun out from behind this tree and points it at my face. Then his buddy, after a second, just said hey no put it down, and the guy talked to us for a bit while the other drunk guy and girl were being ridiculous. But yeah it was weird, i'll admit a little scary, but after I was so mad about this 35 year old, 5 foot nothing doing that to me, but its ok...that is how my week ended."

Fortunately nothing happened, and it will just be one of many crazy experiences experienced on a mission.