Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Willy's Home on the Northern Coast

In September of 2008 Brent was transferred to Prince Rupert, a port city in the province of British Comlumbia, Canada. Prince Rupert is the land, air, and water transportation hub of British Columbia's North Coast, and home to approximately 12,800 people. It's beauty and attractions are best described with the following words found on a local tourism website: "On British Columbia’s North Coast you don’t control nature, you pay attention to her every mood. This is a place where eagles, bears, and whales outnumber people. An area with over 10,000 years of First Nations history. Where fishing is both a job and a form of recreation. A place where being friendly and out-going is just the natural way to be. This is Canada like you have never experienced..."
I think if Brent were to hand pick an area of his mission he could serve in, I don't think he could have chosen a more fitting place to fit everything that is "Willy." So far on his mission, I think Brent would call Prince Rupert his "home away from home."
Elder Wilson & Elder Brown
Prince Rupert Harbor
Waterfront in Prince Rupert

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