Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Willy invades the Luscher Home

Brent has built many friendships with the members from each area he has served in. He always expresses his love for the members, and his appreciation for the support that is shown by those who take time to help the missionaries in their efforts. For a missionary, the members are often times the biggest strength that keep the work going, and often times the only kind and familiar face a missionary will see for days. In one of Brent's emails home, he introduced us to the Luscher Family, one of the families in the Prince Rupert Branch. He was excited that they had posted some photos of him on their blog, and wanted us to check them out, as well as express his appreciation for all this family does for the missionaries. Here is what he wrote:
"So this last week we had a sweet birthday party with a way cool family in the branch, they are just way neat people. She posted some pictures of us, I guess on her blog, so you should go check that out...The family is so cool, way strong testimony, and they go through so much that makes my testimony grow just seeing how strong they are in faith!!!"

It is nice to be able to get to know some of the members that take care of Brent, and be able to learn more about their family through their blog and emails. I hope they don't mind if I post some of their photos and comments of Brent on this blog. As you can see from the photos below, Brent was a hit with the kids, which is no surprise having grown up playing with all his cousins on Cox's Corner.

This is how Sister Luscher described their Christmas FHE with Willy:

"This is our Elder Wilson. We had made Christmas ornaments for FHE and then we put them on the tree after we set it up later that evening. It isn't the best picture of the ornament but I can tell you that it has more hot glue than I have ever seen on an ornament before. There was a ribbon tail on the bottom and some fluffy pom-poms. Elder Wilson even has a Disney CARS sticker somewhere on the other side of the ornament as we have learned that he is a big CARS fan. Of course he had to persuade Grayson to give up one of his stickers. Though it wasn't very had on his part as Grayson adores our missionaries."


Luscher Family said...

Post away Jared! You can link our blog into this one if you want so that Brent can see it too.

I see you now have a picture of Brent making snow angels during our crazy December snow storm. One of these days I will upload the video I have of Brent making a snow angel in my front yard.

Jared said...

Thanks. I didn't think you would mind if I used your photos and comments, but at least wanted to make sure everyone knew where they came from. As for some of the other photo's I have on his blog, I'm just hoping the "Copyright Police" stay away! :)