Monday, October 26, 2009

Exchanges in Victoria, BC

Brent had a chance to go on exchanges with one of his former companions, Elder Brown, who he served with in Prince Rupert. They spent a couple days in downtown Victoria, and snapped a few cool photos. Not sure if they were out tracting or touring, but judging by the photos the only thing they could get close to were a flock of geese! :) Once again no exciting stories to go along with the pics, but enjoy some awesome photos of downtown Victoria...
And here is another one from the collection of Willy's "awesome" sunsets from somewhere in BC...

Willy & Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Back in August, Brent and a few other missionaries were blessed with the opportunity to spend a few hours with Elder Oaks. I'm sure Brent kept his fingers cross this time, hoping it would work out, given that a few months ago he was left "patiently" waiting on another visiting General Authority, who, due to bad weather, was not able to attend. This time it all worked out, and he was able to have an awesome experience listening to the counsel of an Apostle. This is how he described this experience...

"Let's has been a different week, pretty crazy, but just tougher on the Duncan area. We didn't get to do too much work in our area this week, but we still taught some good lessons. We had Zone Leader Council in Richomond on Monday and Tuesday, and then we held a Zone Meeting with the whole island on friday. It went very good, but ok, enough of the nonsense let's get to the big business! Guess who got to rub shoulders with Elder Dallin H. Oaks, of the Qourum of the Twelve...well just Elder Wilson. Haha :) No, it was a very cool experience! He came to Canada to hold a huge meeting with all of the Bishops, then on Sunday he did a Stake Conference in Victoria, and we didn't get to see that; it's a different stake. But there was a meeting from 12 to 1 for the Elders in Victoria only, and Elder Watterson and I got invited! So it was 10 missionaries and Elder Oaks, how sweet is that! It was a little intimidating cause every time he asked questions, it's like he already knew the answer, but he would look at me and Watterson and be like this seems like a very good question for some Zone Leaders. But he is hilarious! He gave some honest advice, and let us ask some questions! It was a cool experience, one for the books for sure!"

Mission Life with Willy & Watterson

Here are a few pics Brent sent home, along with a short email to go along with them...

"So just wanted to send a few pictures, one of Watterson and me on the ferry to the mainland! The other one pretty much explains missioanry work, the motto being "ZERO FUN SIR!" :) The last one is of the biggest studs I know out here, Elder Watterson, Elder Brown, and Elder Lemon. Actually that picture was taken on Candice's birthday. To celebrate her birthday we got some dinner! Hope that was ok for us to celebrate your birthday candice? Ok, love you all, and hope everything is going wonderful!"

Poor guys! Looks hard, doesn't it!??? :) I guess almost 2 years on a mission isn't long enough to teach someone how to make his bed...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Starfish, Mosquito, Waffles, and More...

What do you do with a handful of pictures that really don't have much of a story behind them, but are just part of the "Missionary Experience"???? Well this is the best I could come up with, so here are a few pics from Willy's life in Canada, and some short stories to mixed in with them...

Here are couple pics of Brent and Elder Jardin visiting the shores of Nanaimo, British Columbia (the second largest city on Vancouver Island) The first is of Willy and Jardin sharing a "precious" moment while catching starfish along the rocky shoreline, and the second is the pose we've all come to know and love from pictures Brent has sent home...simply known as the "Willy Pose"...
Here is a pic of a "Canada Mosquito." Kind of makes a "Hooper Mosquito" seem like child's play, but don't be fooled by the use of the small hand...
If you know Brent, you know he's never one to shy away from a challenge, especially a challenge that involves food. (Just ask him about eating three Habanero Peppers) So when he had his chance to add his name to the "10 Waffle Chair" while serving in Prince George, I'm sure it wasn't even a question in his mind whether not he could do it, but just how many he could actually eat beyond 10. As you can see from the photo, he conquered this challenge, and added his name to the long list of TWO Elders that have slammed down the infamous "10 Waffles."
Not sure of the story behind this guy, but with a name like "Rappin Rick James," there has got to be something. This is someone Brent will have to tell us about when he gets home, but for now just enjoy the pic of Willy, Rapping Rick, and Elder Richter.

To finish off this post of random photos and stories, here are a couple random photos and one of Brent's emails home that sums up just how random a week in the life of a missionary can be...

8/10/09 - "Ok, just real quick to sum up my week. Nothing too crazy just good times as a missionary! Killed two snakes with a shovel, got stung by bees four times, yeah it hurt, couple slammed doors, but good teaching appointments for sure!!! On exchanges with Elder Whittenburg, got to see America and send a package there! But yeah sorry this is so short more next week I promise love you all!"

Willy & Elder Burton with their "sweet" white van...

Willy saying good bye to Elder Brown

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Calvin's Conversion

The first day Brent and Elder Watterson began working together they had the opportunity to teach the 1st discussion to Calvin, who happened to be a referral from the Bishop of the Duncan Ward. It was clear from Brent's emails home, that this young man had been prepared by the Lord well before their first appointment. Calvin is a true testament to the power of Member Missionary Work, and the importance of including members in the teaching and fellowshipping of new converts.
These are a few of the teaching experiences Brent shared in his emails home:

"Our Bishop actually gave us a refferral, which is a first, and we taught the guy at the Bishop's home the first night Elder Watterson was here; then again on Sunday. He has read and prayed a ton already, and now is going to be baptised on Aug 1st. It is good to see the Bishop is trusting us. Dad you were right, service is the key! :)"

"This last Sunday was another good Sunday, only had 6 investigators at church, but the Bishop pulled us in after church and just wanted to meet with us and he gave us some solid compliments. He is very happy to see so much work happening, and is very impressed with Calvin, who is getting baptised on Saturday! It should be awesome! The ward will hopefully keep getting better! I will have the privilege of confirming him on Sunday, and am pretty excited! Just because dang i am getting tired, and it's kind of good to see some things come from the work we are doing! But it's all good no complaints!"

"Ok, I don't have much time, but I do have to tell you about the baptism on Saturday. Dang, it was probably the coolest experience on my mission, and it was so cool! We got about 30 non-members there and maybe 15 members, so I was little disappointed more members didn't show up, but it was way good! Calvin is 20 years old and will be heading on a mission in a year! :) His whole non-member family came, and I dont even know what to say other than just a good day! The Bishop baptised Calvin, then I was able to confirm him on Sunday!"

Here are a few pics from Calvin's big day...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"At the MTC" by Kevin Schmidt / Starring "Willy"

We received an email this week from a member in Brent's mission, expressing her gratitude for Brent's example and service he is giving to the members in Duncan. These were the kind words she had to say about Willy:

"Thought that you might enjoy a copy of a couple of pictures that we have taken recently of your son. He continues to serve with all his heart might mind and strength here in Duncan. He is a wonderful example of a misisonary to our sons .
Recently I have been fellowshipping someone and so I get to see first hand the Elders as they teach the gospel. Elder Wilson definatly carries the spirit of Christ with him. Him and Elder Watterson have been working so hard here in the Duncan ward, and they are getting all the members excited about the work.
I know how excited you must be to have him home in November, we will be sad to say goodbye to him but we are ever so grateful to have had him serve here ! "

Here are the pics she sent, along with a link to a music video her son created which had Brent as the "Star" in the video. It's a remake from Taylor Swift's song "You Belong with Me," and it's titled "At the MTC." Click on the link below, or paste in your browser to check out the video on Youtube.

Willy, Kevin Schmidt, & Elder Watterson flashing their sweet "Missionary Ties"