Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brent the town Polar Bear

Brent is never one to worry about being embarrassed, so when the opportunity came to help out with the town parade, he said "Yes" even without knowing what exactly he was getting into. I'm sure once he found out his "assignment" he was all for it, and who can't picture Brent in a 7 foot Polar Bear costume marching down the streets of Prince Rupert showing his "Canadian Pride!" Here's the story:

"...Cool story so the RCMP, the Canadian police department, got our number and asked us to help them in the parade so of course I said I would do it. So when President was here we get stopped by a road block in town, and the cops come up and just start talking to us because they know us. President is in the back just wondering what is up, haha but then the Chief comes over shakes my hand and says, so can you still help us and I looked back at President and smile and he was just like for sure, ha! But...what I got to do was dress up as the huge Canadian bear for the RCMP, and lead the parade for the town, it was hilarious, they usually have a cop do it but they wanted us to be active and have some fun and those old cops just cant do it you know :) :) or they wanted us to be the ones looking funny haha who knows...haha don't make fun, don't worry I asked the cops how many Americans get to wear the red Canadian Surge and I am thinking I am a select few!!! :) :) And I got to ride in a jail wagon..."
Way to play along Brenter!!! Looks like you were a hit! :)

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