Friday, March 27, 2009

Angel Moroni in Langley

As Zone Leader, Brent travels down to the Mission Office in Vancouver on occasion for a Zone Leader Conference with the Mission President, to discuss the progress of the Mission. The last Zone Leader Conference was extra special for him because he had the opportunity to head back to his old stomping grounds in Langley, and see the Angel Moroni placed on the top of the temple. Here is what he had to say about the experience, and the awesome week he had:

"So I think I have some cool things to talk about!? This last week was the week I flew down to Vancouver where President flies the 10 zone leaders down for a conference which is way cool, but what made it even better, is it just so happened, Tuesday was the day they were putting the Angel Moroni on top at the Vancouver Temple, in Langley. So President calls me up Monday night, and says "Hey Elder Wilson, how would you like to join me and Sister Nelson to go see the temple on Tuesday morning when you get in?" Dang I was excited!!! Haha! So we got on a plane at 6 that morning and got into Vancouver and then I rode with President and Sister Nelson and the other two office people to the temple. And right when we got there, there was already a ton of people standing outside just a ton of members, so I got out and I was able to see everyone from Langley again. I know I am probably confusing you but it was way cool, it is almost a year ago since I left Langley!! So i got some pictures, Just a way cool day, then had to drive back to Vancouver and got back to the meeting stuff, it was definitely a highlight to be able to see the people again, and see the temple again!
Then the next day a long meeting but good, and then got back to PG and had a way cool weekend! We taught all of our investigators on Friday and Saturday, and then we were supposed to have 6 of them come to church but only 3 showed up, but they were a solid three!! One of them is a 19 year old kid named Jordan, he doesn't believe in God but he wants to know, and so he finally agreed to come to church, and it just so happened I was the speaker yesterday. Since they were having a Stake High Councilman speak, they asked a missionary to speak too, so I got to speak for the first time yesterday, but wow I was nervous going from a branch the last two areas to a ward!! But its ok :) I ended speaking a little long and didnt leave the High Councilman much time!! But after church Jordan just sat in the chapel and didn't say much, and i asked him, "so Jordan when you come to know this is true will you be baptised," and he said yes! Tight huh? He is just scared cause he is all about science and thinks science and God doesnt go together, but we will work through it!...But anyways one last thing, so this family here likes to cook the missionaries waffles, and they have always said there is a record of ten waffles by a missionary! So I just watched the first couple weeks to see if it's possible and yesterday I matched the ten. I was going to go more, but I didn't want to steal his glory, just join him in the glory!"

Brent and Sister Nelson at the Vancouver British Columbia TempleBrent and Wade (Member from Langley)

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