Friday, March 13, 2009

Willy & Chris

One of Brent's greatest experiences in "Rupert," was the opportunity he had to be a part of the conversion of a man named Chris. Here are a few of the stories Brent sent about Chris' conversion:

"..We were just out contacting last week so our first few days here and we walk by this guy just say "hi" and twenty steps later I just turn to Elder Brown and say we gotta give that man the gospel. So I turned around, walk up to the guy and ask him does he believe in God. So, we talk a while get his number and then his friend which was Chris walks up to us and starts talking too, well the first guy didn't go anywhere but Chris came for a tour. We've taught him the first two lessons, and he wants to be baptized and says he has been waiting for this change in his life. Pretty cool looking back it was crazy!!"


"So yesterday Chris came to church, and absolutely loved it. I was worried because I don't know just how people react to it here, but it went well. This is the funniest part, guess what they decide to teach for Sunday School? Well it started on the "Millenium" and they pull out a movie on "Gog and Magog," haha and the battle of Armagedon" ha exactly what Chris needed!! :) No, it actually turned out well cause after the huge mess and some things that were said me and Chris had a good talk after and I think it helped him see the importance of the need to change now!! Not sure its the best way but hey it worked, and then after church he called us just all excited and asked how we thought he did, he was funny he just said he thought it was gonna be awkward but he felt so different and loved the feeling that was different from the world so good right??"


"..things are as tight as can be right now. Chris had his interview with President on Friday when he came into town, which went way good. Chris is scared because he has changed so much and he likes it, just it is big for him. Lookin back from when we met him I am just amazed at who he is now. I love seeing the gospel work! The baptism is set for December 19th :) He wanted his family to come so that weekend was best, and Brother Dalton, who is the basketball coach at the other school we coach against and was his basketball coach back in the day, so he wants to be there, and that is the date that works out best..."

Chris' conversion was really a highlight of Brent's time in Prince Rupert, and from his letters I could tell he really has a great love for this man, as well as many others he has served in Rupert. Here is a photo of Elder Brown, Chris, & Willy at Chris' baptism:

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Luscher Family said...

Chris' baptism ended up being in January, so it was a fresh start to a fresh new year. As the Baptismal Font here in Prince Rupert is fairly small the entire branch crowded around the plexiglass viewing area when Chris was baptised. Because we have 6 children ages 5 and under in the branch they got "the best seats" in the house and if you ask Chris one of his memories from the baptism would be seeing their faces in absolute shock (and honestly almost horror) as Chris was baptised and came up from the water.

Afterwards the branch had a lunch to help celebrate this big step in Chris' life. It was an amazingly spiritual day.