Saturday, February 28, 2009

Willy's MTC District

Brent spent 3 "short" weeks in the MTC studying, eating, studying, eating, and of course studying some more. As Willy usually does he made a lot of new friends, and had plenty of, as he would put it..."Good times!!" (Judging from the picture on the left "table manners" weren't a part of his studies!)

Brent and his MTC Comp Elder Kirby
Here is Willy's MTC District: (Left to Right) "Elders"- Sprengle, Mcdowell, Cheng, Miller, Soulier, Fisher, Kirby, Wilson, Reynolds, Homer
Brent sent this pic saying "I thought I was tall :)"
Brent's District at the Timpanogas Temple

Familiar Faces

Brent was able to run into a few of his friends from back home, and get the ever popular "Map Picture" with some of them.
In this pic: Elders "Willy", "Gooch", "Latin", and "Tom"

Brent and Logan

Christmas 2007 in the MTC

Brent entered the MTC a week before Christmas, so he was able to celebrate it twice in 2007. Our family celebrated Christmas before Brent left, and then he had the opportunity to focus more on the "True Meaning of Christmas" while in the MTC. The combination of homesickness and the first holiday away from home made it a little tough, but he did enjoy the opportunity to listen to a few talks from General Authorities on Christmas and focus more on the birth of the Savior.
Of course Mom made sure her baby boy had his share of presents on Christmas day, even though in this first picture he seemed a little down when his comp received a stack of presents from home and his "side of the tree" was still empty...
As you can see things evened out...

Brent's words about this pic, "Me and my tough Christmas look...yeah I wore it to see Elder L. Tom Perry. Sweet huh!"

December 19, 2007...Hello MTC!!!

These are a few photos from the night he was set apart as a Missionary, and the day he entered the MTC. Brent tried to seem relaxed and ready for anything, but I think looking back he would tell you he was a little nervous and had no idea what the next two years would bring.
Brent with his nephew Carter

Willy with his two older, stronger, much wiser, Brothers... :)

Brent and Grandpa Cox

Blake introducing his littl Bro to the MTC

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Pre-Mission Photo Shoot

My mom decided we had better get some family pics, and she wanted a few nice "Missionary" photos of her baby boy before he left for Canada, grew into a man, ruined his suits from hard work, and all that other good stuff! :)

Dad is introducing Brent to Nephi and helping him sound out the big words!! :)

Here he is finally reading on his own after 19 years...

The Wilson Family prior to Brent leaving

Cooper was actually in the Family pic, but his Mom's shirt was covering him up, so here is "Grandma" holding the newest addition since Willy left...

From "Willy" to "Elder Wilson"

I decided I would start a blog for our little Bro, even though his "Hump Day" has come and gone. Better late than never right!!??? These first few posts will be a quick update from the time he left to the present. Here are a few photos leading up to December 19, 2007 when he entered the MTC having NO idea what was ahead of him and just anxious to get out there.
Here he is bringing home his call from the post office ready to see where he will be spending the next 2 years of his life...

This is his first time going through the temple, just a few weeks before he left.