Monday, March 9, 2009

Willy's "Catch of the Day"

Brent and "catching fish" haven't always been on the "same page," especially the last couple years leading up to his mission. It's a running joke in our house that Brent's ability to catch fish was cursed years ago when we took him to an outdoor expo, and one of the volunteer's tried to "help" Brent catch fish out of the "anyone should be able to catch a fish" fishing pool that was set up, but somehow he was unsuccessful. Although he has had a few successful fishing trips since that time, the last few months, maybe even years, leading up to his mission were not kind to Willy in the way of actually catching even a single fish. So it was only fitting that Brent would be called to Canada, and be able to try and get past that fishing "curse" in a place known for it's natural beauty and fantastic hunting and fishing spots. As you can see from the pics he did get the opportunity to get out and fish and actually caught something, although this one isn't exactly one to write home about, but for Brent this one weighed more than anything he's snagged in a long time: Brent and Elder Kirby getting a few last casts in as the sun goes down...

I'm sure a little kid caught this for Brent and helped him grab onto it, but he said these make for a great feast

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