Sunday, March 22, 2009

Willy & the Town Drunk

Not sure what it is, but for some reason drunks always seem to pop up where ever the missionaries are. While in Germany, I saw my fair share of drunkards, and even though it was nice to have someone that would stop and talk to you as a missionary, sometimes it just got old. It was as though we were wearing some sort of attractant that only "tipplers" could smell, and if they were in the area they would find us. The irony of it all, is the fact that the missionaries have something that would provide these people new hope and a way to change, but their capacity to think is obstructed by the alcohol; even though I will say many do posses the humility required to change.
Of course Willy has had his moments with a few drunkards, and this particular story he wrote home about was one of those classics that just makes you laugh. Here's how he told the story:
"This last week I wrote you Wednesday and not too much happened between then and now except for the breakfast we serve at the presbatarian church. Well this saturday a drunk tried to fight me but dont worry he got it!! So he comes in and starts swearing at this guy, causing some trouble, and the pastor of the church, her name is Pastor Cheryl, was tryin to get him out. So one of the ladies comes and gets me and ask me to go help the pastor get him out. So I walk over to the guy just kind of put my hand on his back, and say "hey bud we need to get outside come out here and we can talk about it," So yeah, the guy seems to get more mad and yelling more and then trys to hit me, ha, but he is drunk and couldn't move the quickest. Haha! So he was falling over and so I grab his arm just little more firmly so he can't do anything with it. Then he was like "fine" and swears and turns around quick and runs right into a brick pillar that is in the middle of the room. It was hilarious!!! Of course I felt bad, but one lady told me after, "Dang people shouldn't mess with you missionary boys!" Haha! I just like held the guy up while he was in a daze after he just smacked his face in the brick, then he just shakes his head kinda smiles and laughs and says to the guy he was trying to fight, "well I got myself this time but I'll be waiting for you." Then I go outside with him, we talk a bit then he leaves. It was just funny I guess he is known around town as a pretty mean drunk but hey it was cool. That was some excitment, but yeah not much chance of giving the guy the gospel..."

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