Thursday, March 26, 2009

Willy's Arrival in Prince George

When Brent received "the call" that he was leaving Prince Rupert, and being called as a Zone Leader in Prince George, it was definitely a bitter-sweet moment; probably more on the bitter side at first. Even though he knew it was the Lord's work and was willing to go wherever, there were a lot of people he didn't want to leave. Brent had a lot of great experiences in Prince Rupert, and although he knew he wouldn't be there forever, he was hoping his time to leave wouldn't have come just yet. These were his words as his time came to an end in Prince Rupert:

"Just a little more about Prince Rupert...I am gonna miss the people, our basketball team is doing good we only have two more weeks left so Elder Brown will have to finish the season! Then Chris is doing really good! I don't know, I just can say I love the people here! It will be tough to leave Brock, the kid we are teaching,...but hey life is good!"

Although this transfer was probably the hardest for him up to this point, I think it gave him a taste of what it will be like when his 2 years come to and end in December. I was able to chat with him through email the day he wrote telling us he was being transferred, and told him that the amount of love he has for the people he has served, is a testimony of what kind of missionary he has been and how hard he has worked. The fact that he was going to miss Prince Rupert so much, should make him feel like he had been a "True & Faithful Servant."

So the departure was difficult, but Brent hit the ground running in Prince George and of course like he has done in previous areas, he took time to "ponder" what lie ahead, and get a photo of him looking over his next challenge:Here he is dressed in his new "Zone Leader Armor" ready to dominate the Prince George Zone...

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