Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Service P-day at a Cabin

Brent and his companion had an opportunity to go help a member's husband build a deck on their cabin, and spend some time up in the wilderness on their P-day. Now I am sure Willy would have gone to help just to lend a helping hand, but the fact that the guy was also up there Moose hunting probably added a little incentive, even though he wasn't able to actually go out and hunt.
Here's what he wrote about the experience:

“Ok, so today was service p-day, but it was way fun. We went out to this family’s cabin to help build a deck. The mom is a member in the ward, but she didn’t come, so it was the dad, his son, and the dad’s brother. They are actually moose hunting too, so I was hoping they would shoot one while we were there, ha, but back to what is up. So we help put in a deck, and dad yes I am thinking a log cabin should be in the future plans, and I would love to help with what ever you need just if it’s money you need I am not your man! haha :) Ok, so while we are doing this, I asked his kid Aaron, who is 12 and has gone to a Christian school most of his life until it got shut down last year, what he thinks about church and all he says is “I love it and I cant wait until I can get baptized.” So I am thinking, “dang he is getting baptized somewhere else” and then I ask him which church and he looks at me and just says, “I want to get baptized in your church.” How tight is that!? So I am like, well why can’t you and he is just like, “I don’t know, no one has told me I could,” and I don’t know what the parents think but I just told him we should set up some teaching appointments, and so he can do it. I hope I did ok cause we didn’t tell the dad yet but I am going to call the mom and tell her and I am hoping it all goes cool!! It was just cool first we are building a deck and then we talk about why he isn’t playing volleyball for me, then we talk about girlfriends, (haha, it always gets to a mans heart) then we are tight friends and inside this kid is just waiting to be baptized. I don’t know just way cool, the only bad part about the day is its hard for me to enjoy the outdoors without everyone back home, but don’t worry I love the people we are helping!!!”

Brent & Aaron working hard at the cabin...

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