Friday, March 13, 2009

Willy coaching Volleyball???

Being in a small town, means you have to find unique ways of finding people to teach and make a difference through your example. Well, Brent and his companion were given the opportunity to coach an Elementary boys Volleyball team, and were given the permission to go ahead and do it. Here are a few of his stories from this experience:
“...Oh, so we got a call today we are gonna be the elementary volleyball coaches here, tight huh?? Coaching the 5th and 6th grades, this Presbyterian lady hooked us up. She is the lady we help serve breakfast for on Saturdays, so yeah we have a meeting today with some parents so this could be good!!"
"This last week has been good, our volleyball team dominated, and we have only had a few troubles. One teacher is threatening to take away some of our players because they aren't good in class, and dang I felt bad because she came right in the middle of practice and threw down on the kids. The principal asked us why we really are doing this, cause I guess the kids are loving it, but it is way cool. After our first game we had a few parents come and ask us why we are up from Utah and California, because that is who we are known as, ha!" :)
"Yeah with volleyball I am deciding it is the best thing we could of done to get to younger kids too. It is just way cool! Tomorrow we have a huge game, and our team said we wouldn't win cause the other school is too good so I made them run laps until they said we could, ha. I am a tough coach but hey I like to call it "tough love." :)
"We had another volleyball game and we ended losing a heart breaker the last game of the series we smoked them the first game they beat us by two the second game and the third we came back from down 10 and lost by two. :( Dang, I think I was the only one about to cry haha!! No, I was good until the other coach started getting into it so of course I had to rally the troops, but it was cool!! Then this week a young kid wanted us to come watch him play hockey so we did and the parents came up to us they are originally Shik but wanted to know about us it was cool!!!"
"Our volleyball team is doing awesome I laid down the law on them on Thursday, because we played horrible our last game, mostly because some kids don’t come to practice but come to the games. So I took a good Coach Carter approach to it all ha, and I made them run ladders or suicides, so only eight kids were there and I made them run ten suicides, and I kept track and the principal came in and just was amazed they were doing it. Then I made sure its ok but I told her kids cant play unless they run all the suicides the team has ran, so yeah, I know Shauna loves coach carter so she should appreciate that. :)"

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