Monday, October 26, 2009

Willy & Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Back in August, Brent and a few other missionaries were blessed with the opportunity to spend a few hours with Elder Oaks. I'm sure Brent kept his fingers cross this time, hoping it would work out, given that a few months ago he was left "patiently" waiting on another visiting General Authority, who, due to bad weather, was not able to attend. This time it all worked out, and he was able to have an awesome experience listening to the counsel of an Apostle. This is how he described this experience...

"Let's has been a different week, pretty crazy, but just tougher on the Duncan area. We didn't get to do too much work in our area this week, but we still taught some good lessons. We had Zone Leader Council in Richomond on Monday and Tuesday, and then we held a Zone Meeting with the whole island on friday. It went very good, but ok, enough of the nonsense let's get to the big business! Guess who got to rub shoulders with Elder Dallin H. Oaks, of the Qourum of the Twelve...well just Elder Wilson. Haha :) No, it was a very cool experience! He came to Canada to hold a huge meeting with all of the Bishops, then on Sunday he did a Stake Conference in Victoria, and we didn't get to see that; it's a different stake. But there was a meeting from 12 to 1 for the Elders in Victoria only, and Elder Watterson and I got invited! So it was 10 missionaries and Elder Oaks, how sweet is that! It was a little intimidating cause every time he asked questions, it's like he already knew the answer, but he would look at me and Watterson and be like this seems like a very good question for some Zone Leaders. But he is hilarious! He gave some honest advice, and let us ask some questions! It was a cool experience, one for the books for sure!"

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