Sunday, October 4, 2009

Calvin's Conversion

The first day Brent and Elder Watterson began working together they had the opportunity to teach the 1st discussion to Calvin, who happened to be a referral from the Bishop of the Duncan Ward. It was clear from Brent's emails home, that this young man had been prepared by the Lord well before their first appointment. Calvin is a true testament to the power of Member Missionary Work, and the importance of including members in the teaching and fellowshipping of new converts.
These are a few of the teaching experiences Brent shared in his emails home:

"Our Bishop actually gave us a refferral, which is a first, and we taught the guy at the Bishop's home the first night Elder Watterson was here; then again on Sunday. He has read and prayed a ton already, and now is going to be baptised on Aug 1st. It is good to see the Bishop is trusting us. Dad you were right, service is the key! :)"

"This last Sunday was another good Sunday, only had 6 investigators at church, but the Bishop pulled us in after church and just wanted to meet with us and he gave us some solid compliments. He is very happy to see so much work happening, and is very impressed with Calvin, who is getting baptised on Saturday! It should be awesome! The ward will hopefully keep getting better! I will have the privilege of confirming him on Sunday, and am pretty excited! Just because dang i am getting tired, and it's kind of good to see some things come from the work we are doing! But it's all good no complaints!"

"Ok, I don't have much time, but I do have to tell you about the baptism on Saturday. Dang, it was probably the coolest experience on my mission, and it was so cool! We got about 30 non-members there and maybe 15 members, so I was little disappointed more members didn't show up, but it was way good! Calvin is 20 years old and will be heading on a mission in a year! :) His whole non-member family came, and I dont even know what to say other than just a good day! The Bishop baptised Calvin, then I was able to confirm him on Sunday!"

Here are a few pics from Calvin's big day...

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