Thursday, October 1, 2009

"At the MTC" by Kevin Schmidt / Starring "Willy"

We received an email this week from a member in Brent's mission, expressing her gratitude for Brent's example and service he is giving to the members in Duncan. These were the kind words she had to say about Willy:

"Thought that you might enjoy a copy of a couple of pictures that we have taken recently of your son. He continues to serve with all his heart might mind and strength here in Duncan. He is a wonderful example of a misisonary to our sons .
Recently I have been fellowshipping someone and so I get to see first hand the Elders as they teach the gospel. Elder Wilson definatly carries the spirit of Christ with him. Him and Elder Watterson have been working so hard here in the Duncan ward, and they are getting all the members excited about the work.
I know how excited you must be to have him home in November, we will be sad to say goodbye to him but we are ever so grateful to have had him serve here ! "

Here are the pics she sent, along with a link to a music video her son created which had Brent as the "Star" in the video. It's a remake from Taylor Swift's song "You Belong with Me," and it's titled "At the MTC." Click on the link below, or paste in your browser to check out the video on Youtube.

Willy, Kevin Schmidt, & Elder Watterson flashing their sweet "Missionary Ties"

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