Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Power of Service

Somtimes a little act of service can go a long way to creating teaching opportunities, that otherwise would not have been possible. Brent has had many of these experiences while serving in Canada, and this was another one of those experiences he shared with us in one of his first emails from Duncan:

"Lets see, nothing too exciting this week in the mission life other than I was able to dig a huge trench in my suit. So we went over to teach our investigator Erwin, he is about 60, and his wife is about the same. Way cool couple, but we have never been able to teach his wife, because she hasn't wanted to listen. Well we go over there and they are trying to dig a trench to their shed to put in electricity. Well it's a big job and they needed some help, and even though usually the wife wouldn't talk to us, we just said, "hey, we'll dig this for you." So he gave us two t-shirts and we dug a nice big trench in our suit pants and shoes. Yeah not the best idea, but in the end it was worth it! The wife got us some water, then sat down and listened on the porch at the end when we taught. So it was supposed to be a 20 min lesson but turned into 2 hours of digging then a 20 minute lesson. To top it off Erwin came to church and his wife came with him! How tight is that? So yeah, I may have to visit the dry cleaners, but I am thinking it was an ok idea now. :) That was probably the most excitment this past week, not too mention we did have 8 people at church and the ward even started talking to them! Haha..."

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