Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Experience to remember...or Forget!

Back in June, Brent had one of those experiences a lot of missionaries go through, but usually wait to get home to share it with their mother. Well, Brent must have decided everything worked out fine, so he shared the experience in his email. This is how he told it:

"So it's all ok and i am still alive, haha, but I did have my first experience with a guy pointing a gun at my face. Yeah it was crazy but it turned out ok. We were just walkin by this house and these two guys and a girl were out drinkin in the front yard so we just walked by. Then on the way back I just said "hey whats up," you know, then kept walking and they asked what are you guys doing. So I turn and walk back over, and as I get to the fence I say we are sharing a message about Jesus Christ and the guy pulls a gun out from behind this tree and points it at my face. Then his buddy, after a second, just said hey no put it down, and the guy talked to us for a bit while the other drunk guy and girl were being ridiculous. But yeah it was weird, i'll admit a little scary, but after I was so mad about this 35 year old, 5 foot nothing doing that to me, but its ok...that is how my week ended."

Fortunately nothing happened, and it will just be one of many crazy experiences experienced on a mission.

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