Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Goodbye" PG..."Hello" Duncan

Brent finally sent some pics home to add to the blog, and also let us know that he was being transferred this week to the city of Duncan, BC located on Vancouver Island. His time in Prince George has been full of ups and downs, but like all the areas he has served in, he is really going to miss the people. The pictures he sent this week are from a few weeks ago when they were renovating their apartment, and doing a little spring cleaning at the request of their Land-lord. There was a wall in their apartment that I'm assuming was some kind of infamous "Prince George Zone Mural" that had been there since 2006, and had all the missionaries names on there who had served in the area, or something like that. Here's how Brent described it and the other photos he sent:
"...So the wall has been up since 2006 but President agreed with the new ways of the mission it needed to go, so yeah I got to paint it, but hey it was cool while it lasted right! then I will send you a picture of Elder Watterson, Elder Yuen, Elder Barton and me down in Williams Lake on exchanges. You need to put it on the blog, because Yuen and Watterson want to be a part of the blog haha, so send a huge shout out to Watterson and Yuen!!"
-Before- (Notice where Brent's name had to be...)
Williams Lake Exchanges...Not sure what the Axes are for????
Here is what he had to say this week about moving on to Duncan, BC:

"I just wanted to let everyone know I am being transferred to Duncan. It is on Vancouver Island, so it should be good. I am actually headed to be Zone Leader again with Elder Barton, who was the other ZL in Prince George when I first got here! He goes home in six weeks so I will be with him for that six weeks, but it should be cool! I am guessing this will be my last area which is crazy but I am excited!! I am sad to be leaving Prince George, and will for sure be missing some of the families, and the people! But it's all good I just wanted to let you all know, so yeah no more mail to Prince George. I love you all a ton!"


Luscher Family said...

Have fun in Duncan and say Hi to Bill and Wendi Rose from Elaine (Trowsdale) Luscher. They introduced me to the church way back when I was young and living in Powell River.

Hmmm... I think I may need to let Jared know about the Colonial Chicken. What do you think???

Jared, Beth, Carter and Baby Girl.... said...

So what's this about a "colonial chicken"?????