Sunday, May 3, 2009

Willy's Latest Adventures

Brent's last few weeks have been a mix of experiences, some of which he'll want to always remember and others that he'll gladly forget. He enjoyed the uplifting messages shared in General Conference, and how it not only strengthened his testimony, but those of some of his investigators. Here is some of what he had to say after Conference weekend:
"...I have to admit, if I would have known General Conference was that good, I may have tried to listen a little better the first 18 years of my life :) One cool story that happened after General Conference, our investigator Laura, she actually brought her boyfriend for the first time which turned out way good, he has never been to church but he came for conference, and she has always told them how we teach. But so anyways that is not the cool part, after conference was over, she actually only came to the last session, but so after she asked us a question and she said how come when they talk they speak with so much more power than you guys!!?? Haha! She wasn't saying it bad, but she told us that those guys blew us out of the water in terms of teaching! Now usually I would take that as don't you diss on me, and throw up my gloves, but it made me smile cause she sees the power that we are talking about, and she said there is something different about those men! So tight huh, now all we need to do is fill up the font, but we will figure out a date for that..."

After an awesome weekend of Conference it was back to the battlefield, and learning that the Adversary is constantly working to find ways to throw a few forks in the road of those investigators that seem to be progressing. So I guess the last couple weeks have been full of challenges with investigators and many hours of what seemed to be "fruitless" tracting. To let out some frustration, Brent and his comp decided to go shoot some hoops after a long discouraging week, and this is what they found when they arrived at the gym:
"So I was starting to feel peace when we arrived at the church, like "yes now i can just shoot around," then we get inside and all these chairs and tables are set up all over the floor, :( talk about kicked in the face, but we decided to make the best of it, and just used all the obstacles as defense, it felt like us vs the world, cause that is how the days had been going but dont worry we won :)"

Here are a some pics from the last couple weeks:
"This is the annual snow run with a family where you run bare foot to the woods through their yard to usher in spring. It is with the Ryan family, a cool family up here!" Elder Wilson & Elder Hall

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