Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Zone Conference....or NOT!!!

To a missionary a Zone Conference always is a time to hang out with your fellow missionaries, share stories, and hopefully come away with a renewed faith and desire to work harder than before. Brent's always enjoyed this opportunity to be, as he would put it, "lifted up" from a message from the Mission President and other activities from Zone Conference. This particular Zone Conference is one that he has been looking forward to ever since he found out that a member of the Seventy would be visiting their Zone. After an awesome week of missionary work where everything seemed to fall into place, it seemed as though this Zone Conference would be the "Cherry on Top" of everything that had occurred the past couple weeks. Well let's just say things didn't work out exactly as Brent had is how he told the story:

"So we came back Thursday night, from our Zone Leader duties, and the whole zone traveled in that night too because, zone conference was supposed to be Friday morning. You know the cool zone conference with Elder Dickson from the seventy!? So we are all you know getting ready trimmin our nose hairs, polishing our shoes, and pulling out the nice ties! You know trying to really impress! So yes it goes down like that. Friday morning we get to the church, all seated, reading our scriptures some Elders getting the dust off theirs haha, jk! So yes then 9 o clock comes around no President or anybody, then 10 o clock, still no word nothing, so I start calling the airlines, calling salt lake, like hey one of your Seventy's and our Mission President is lost!! Okay, I really didn't call the Prophet, but thought about it! So finally at 11 o clock, President calls me, and he just finally landed, but they landed back in Vancouver!! I guess the fog was too bad so the plane had to turn back around! So yes that means Prince George was the only zone who didn't get to visit with the General Authority, so every other 130 missionaries did but no not us 14 freezing to death in the north; if you cant tell I wasn't to happy about it, but oh well life goes on! Elder Barton and I just ended up having zone conference, and Elder Dickson did call and talk on the speaker phone for 20 mintues. Haha!"

Here are the photos Brent took from the infamous "Zone Conference" and the note he sent: "This is all we knew what to do, after realizing our Mission President wasn't gonna come see us! Just kiddin President. But seriously."

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