Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Coach Wilson"

Brenter finally sent some photos of his basketball coaching days in Prince Rupert. He really enjoyed the opportunity to coach the kids, and of course have some time to play some hoop and show off the skills he learned from his older brother! :) Here are a couple of emails he sent of his coaching experience:

"Ok so guess what??? I am coaching now!!! Not sure if I told you this before, but we are coaching the Sophomore basketball team at the high school, which is 8th and 9th grades in Canada. The high school got our number and wanted us to coach, ha, so we had them call President Nelson, and we talked to president, so he loves the idea. So yeah, we get to coach high school ball, but we only practice on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. They usually practice on Sundays too, but we changed that because we said we wouldn't do it, so hey no more Sundays for the team, that is cool right!?? At practice I made them run ladders for swear words :) Ha!! The day after our first practice this old man comes up to us in the streets and starts talking to us, I was lost with the conversation, but he was just telling us about his wife dying and how it hurts, and then comes to find out he saw us coaching ball and wants us to come visit him and his wife. When I told him we will help him with his house work and stuff he almost started crying so it was way cool, but yeah so we are finding the way to people...Our baskteball team is coming way good the principle even said he has seen a huge change since we have started coaching, now we just gotta win some games when that time comes."

"Basketball is way fun! We have one dad who talks to us every week now, and then we met another dad who was just shooting around and we are already kinda friends, cause I played some pick up games with him, and he just asked me a question, and said in his church his preacher can't answer why there are so many churches, and I asked him if I had the answer would he beleive me and he said yes. :) He is going out of town for Christmas, but he said when he gets back he wants to know, so hey things will just get better and better!! Our first basketball game is Wednesday against the other coach that is Mormon, so it will be a big community deal. :) We are the under dogs, so hey I don't know if I can pray for this sort of thing, but we are hoping for a game!??? :) Haha, no it will be fun!!!"

Here are a couple pictures of Coach Wilson and Brown with their team the CHARLES HAYES HURRICANES

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