Thursday, November 12, 2009

Final weeks in Duncan

Brent received news this week that he would be leaving Duncan a little earlier than his release date of November 19th. He said his Mission President has asked him to come spend the last week of his mission with him, to work along side him and do some planning for the future of the Vancouver Mission; or something along those lines. He was a little vague in his email, but it was clear that while he was excited to work along side President Nelson, he is really going to miss the Duncan area, and especially the people.
Here are his last emails from Duncan...

"So it is now November exciting huh? :) Let's see, the confirmation went so good yesterday. The ward really loved it! It's always good to hear the ward get up and bear testimony of a couple missionaries who are sitting in the congregation. Haha! Even though a testimony is of the Savior or the Gospel, but its still good! I can't tell you how much I will miss the Duncan Ward. I do love the people here! It has been good to see people grow in the Gospel. The Bekke family is so solid! Calvin is doing so good! He is now the secretary for the sunday school, and Natasha should soon have a calling! We picked up another baptism date this week. He is a 40 year old guy named Stewart, cool man for sure! But that will be December 13th, so I will be gone, but it's good to see! Other than that things are good time is winding down and I will keep workin hard!"

"I am not sure I could explain my thoughts right now! I am not even sure what my thoughts are! I am so excited to see you all soon! It seems unreal! But yes this is my last full week in Canada! This last week was so good! And it ended with a good zone conference. It's my last one and I was able to bear my testimony with another couple missionaries going home! But the best part was that Elder Ringwood of the Seventy was presiding! It was good! I will use some of what he had to say in my homecoming talk, so I wont spoil it! But things in Duncan are good! Sunday was hard, I cant lie. It is a weird feeling, and I love the people here! I know I will miss being part of such a great cause, but I am excited for what comes next! I can't explain how excited I am to see you all! I always say it, but I am one lucky kid though! I have amazing family, and one amazing girl back home! How can I not be excited to see you all! But that is coming, I guess for my last email i just want you all to know how much I love the gospel! I know it's "good news" that everyone needs to hear! This last full week here in Duncan should be good! Sorry this is so short! I will be seeing you soon, then we can talk all we want. :) I love you all, and Hey the Church is true!"

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