Saturday, February 28, 2009

Willy's MTC District

Brent spent 3 "short" weeks in the MTC studying, eating, studying, eating, and of course studying some more. As Willy usually does he made a lot of new friends, and had plenty of, as he would put it..."Good times!!" (Judging from the picture on the left "table manners" weren't a part of his studies!)

Brent and his MTC Comp Elder Kirby
Here is Willy's MTC District: (Left to Right) "Elders"- Sprengle, Mcdowell, Cheng, Miller, Soulier, Fisher, Kirby, Wilson, Reynolds, Homer
Brent sent this pic saying "I thought I was tall :)"
Brent's District at the Timpanogas Temple

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